"One for the road, another one for home"


Multi-disciplinary findings toward

the Future of Social Infrastructure Development in Asia


"Palam Palam MUSEUM"

Contemporary living museum at Asiatique the Riverfront

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With different experiences and various background of interest, we work across multi-disciplinary fields with a purpose of creating community wellbeing and living experiences from the inside out, both domestically and internationally. Alternative Universe collaborates with people who seek alternative ways of developing & managing their properties, brands and lifestyle products & services. We do believe in working to achieve the individual’s goal by involve the kind-participation of ourselves, clients and people in favour of something phenomenal.


Patavee Viranuvat, the Corporate Leader of Alternative Universe Co., Ltd. found his passion in Social Infrastructure Development since he realized that it is one of only a few solutions to disrupt Thailand’s development obstacle. After completing his Master Degree from Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan he found Alternative Universe Co., Ltd. along with its subsidiaries like Projectionist ASIA and Season Maniac which stimulate and defy the nation’s original development policy with the project like DTC (Double-Twin Cities Project). The company and its original projects have been recognized as the one of the most challenging initiatives and unique pioneer in the region.


In February 2019, Slure Project - the latest alternative space located in Sathorn had its project commissioning for public as an initial prototype to transmit the Corporate’s mission via offline interaction instead of getting lost in an online communication era.


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